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Demonstration of how the Upbra bra works  Above image: one of the Upbra® models demonstrating how the Upbra® bra works.

WWe launched Upbra bras in 2015 after 6 years of designing and working with some of the best fashion engineers in the world. What we wanted to do was make a bra that would actually lift us up. Not cover us up with padding or pretend to do all sorts of things with nothing more than extra foam in the cup. What we ended up with was something that exceeded all our expectations.

When we first got the idea to make such a bra, we used our fashion design backgrounds and convinced a team of really clever engineers to make our designs a reality. During this time we tried literally hundreds of designs on a thousand other women. We actually quit a few times when it looked like the mission was just impossible.

Then, just as we were about to give up forever, we tried one last solution and it worked.

We looked at each other and realized we just solved was the one thing we had been missing. The Upbra bra was born.

We quickly made 100 samples and sent them to 100 women. Right after that, the ‘The Doctors’ TV show heard about what we were doing and introduced our bra on CBS TV. The phone bank workers at the show told us they had never had so many calls asking where to buy something. We were so excited!

It's been a long road to get to the Upbra bra. It took us 6 years of hard work (outside our regular jobs at the time). But now we have a bra that gives lift and cleavage that all the other bras have been promising... but the Upbra bras actually deliver. With an Upbra bra you will get lift and cleavage that you can't get in any other bra. And you get it naturally. Without excessive padding. And you can select the amount of lift you want. And the amount of cleavage too.


When we started selling the Upbra bras in 2015, we started hearing from other women about how comfortable their bras were. In fact, women started telling us it was one of the most comfortable bras they had ever worn. Then they started telling us how amazingly well the strapless version stayed up. It turned out that the design of Upbra makes it stay up like like a dream when strapless, and feels magnificently cozy. We continue to work on our bra line. Recently we introduced Upbra bikinis. We always thought bikinis should lift better than they do. And we are working on different designs all the time. We sincerely hope all of our customers are always thrilled with their Upbra bras.

Remember: How far you take it... is up to you!



Upbra® Bra
Cleavage and Lift Like Never Before


Designed to provide natural looking lift and fullness, the Upbra® bra is setting a new performance standard in the lingerie industry.
Upbra featured on 'The Doctors' tv show
Above image: a screen shot when the Upbra® bra was featured on the CBS show 'The Doctors'