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Question: Am I getting or wearing the correct bra size?
Answer: When the Upbra bra is being worn properly, there should be no spacing within the cups; the back band should be at the loosest hook but feel snug. That way, when the bra stretches out after a long time of wearing, you are able to hook it in tighter. In addition, when the cleavage control straps are activated they should be hooked in at most half way to attain the cleavage desired. If it is being hooked past the middle then it means the size you currently have is too big and will cause the center to poke out.

It is very important that you readjust your breast into the cup of the bra after activating the bra for cleavage. To readjust yourself after you hook in the cleavage control straps, all you have to do is lean over and take your hands to cup your breasts and pull them up and towards the center of your body. That way your breasts are not squished down by the platforms with the cups. This will give you the most cleavage and lift and close up any spacing/gapping you might have.