How to Find Your Bra Size

Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator
1. Try the App - accurate and easy 
Use the Upbra app get your actual measurements. Extremely accurate and very easy to use. Gives an accurate size that is valid for the major bra brands, and if you order an Upbra bra from the App result and it doesn't fit, we will reimburse your return postage up to $8.95 USD for your return until you get the correct size fit.
2. Or use the quick fit quiz below 
Please answer the following questions regarding the bra you are currently wearing and then press "Get Results" to determine what size you should get:



When you are wearing the correct size bra, there should be no spacing within the cups, and the back band should be at the loosest hook but feel snug. This is because the back band of all bras will stretch out over time. When the band does stretch out, then you will be able to hook it on a tighter clasp.

Of course, if the size you receive does not work out for you, you can always send it back for a refund or exchange within 30 days from the date in which you received your original shipment. Items marked as Seconds/Slightly Imperfect Upbra® bras are not eligible for a refund. For more information, click here.

If you are still not sure, please feel free to email us at and one of our Upbra® Bra Specialists will be glad to assist you with your order.

3. Size chart for bottoms 
Use the following size chart to help you determine what size Upbra bottoms you are: Measurements should be taken directly on your body.

A: Measure your waist at the narrowest point.
B: Measured at the fullest part of your low hip.

4. Convert size from another country
Different sizing used across the globe can be confusing. Use our handy size conversion chart to convert any bra size into USA Upbra® bra sizing:


If you cannot find your size above then we currently do not carry that size at the moment, but we are working on incorporating more sizes in the future.


Upbra® Bra Fit Tips

 How do I know if the Upbra bra will work for me?

If you are able to take your hands and push your breasts together easily to create cleavage then the Upbra bra will work for you.
 Upbra Bra Fitting Tips    In between bra sizes?
For women who are in between sizes, Upbra’s flexibility and adjustability allows you to still get a great fit and amazing cleavage. Here’s how:
• If you find yourself in between 2 bras sizes (for example 34B and 36B), For an Upbra bra or bikini, we suggest going with the smaller band and the larger cup size. for this example above, that would mean choosing a 34C. It’s important for the band of the bra to fit snug around your body in order for the Upbra to work its best.
• If you normally find yourself between 2 cup sizes with the same band size, (for example 36A and 36B), we suggest going with the smaller of the two. The Upbra bra needs to fit snug in order for the bra to work properly and fit comfortably.
• If you have asymmetrical breasts (one breast larger than the other), we suggest going with the bra size that accommodates the larger breast. If there is any gapping/spacing within the cups for the smaller breast, you can adjust the bra using the cleavage control strap on the smaller breast's side further to close up any gaps or spacing.

     Can I try a different size if my size is out of stock?
Please do not order a size simply because your regular size is out of stock. Sometimes we are out of a certain size for a week but we will eventually get it, email you, and ship your backorder quickly. The Upbra® Bras & Swim Tops will give you the most dramatic results if you are wearing the proper size.

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