The Magic of Upbra

Cleavage and lift up control straps

The Upbra was originally developed to answer the need for a bra that would actually lift and not just occupy space with a bunch of foam ... READ MORE



Introducing the Upbra Mobile Size Calculator

Bra size measuring app the most accurate in the world

Now you can use your phone to get your bra size with the Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator. After a year of testing on over 8,000 women ... READ MORE

All About Sizing

some of the cleavage control system

We size Upbra bras to be as convenient as possible. Over the past 3 years, we've made hundreds of modifications to each bra ... READ MORE




Top 10 Bra Fit Tips


red Upbra bra

#BraHack: Here are some bra fit tips to help your bust look perky and youthful. Upbra's trained fit specialists give you the ultimate fit tips for ... READ MORE

Sister Sizes: The Bra Secret You Should Know About

best lift up bra for strapless outfits

If you’ve found that finding your right bra size is a frustrating process, there are some sizing hacks that can make finding your perfect fit ... READ MORE


7 Most Common Bra Problems

how to maximize your cleavage and lift

True life: Bras are the worst. But they don't have to be. In fact, it can be life changing! It can enhance, maximize and lift what you naturally have ... READ MORE

An Upbra Wedding Story

best lift up bra for wedding and formal dresses

Ivette had dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl. She envisioned her walk down the aisle, the flowers, the cake—and, of course, the dress! ... READ MORE

best lift up bra for strapless outfits


7 Types of Breast Shapes

breast shapes

Buying a bra isn't all to do with size; it turns out we should be thinking about which shape our breasts are in order to select a bra style that will be the most ... READ MORE


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