Introducing the world's fastest and easiest way to get your bra size. We've taken measurement data from over 1,500 women during the development of Upbra bras and combined it with even more data provided by customers to create the simplest bra size calculator ever. If you use the test app to determine your size, we will guarantee your fit. This means that if you order an Upbra bra in the size given to you by the app and for any reason it does not fit, we will reimburse you your return postage up to $9.95 USD for your return until you get the correct size fit.   


Available exclusively in Google Play store.
Also available on our site for Apple and Android.

The Upbra Bra Fitting App* is available for select Android phones as an internet website for both select Android and most Apple phone users who so you do not have to download an app.
*App is currently only available for GalaxyS6/S7/S6Edge/S7Edge, LGG4/G5, and iPhone5/6/7/6s/7s/6Plus/7Plus.
It's completely free. The app is free to use for select Android phones, and both select Android and most Apple phone users. We also understand the pain of annoying ads which is why we created an ads-free experience as well. Never get interrupted again. And if you buy an Upbra bra after using the app, we'll pay for returns to guarantee your fit.
No need to use a measuring tape or even take photos of yourself in your bra. The Upbra Bra Fitting app gives you the ease and privacy without all the fuss. Just follow our step by step detailed instructions to measure yourself to the 3 graphs that pop up on the screen and select the measurement that best correspond to you then answer a few questions, and that's it! The app will show you your best Upbra bra size. Since Upbra bras use standard US sizing, this should be your size for many other bras too.
UpBra® bras are protected by multiple issued and pending US and International patents. Copyright ©
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